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Green Olive Bursary Scheme


 The first and main priority in our work is to help young people to access High School and University education. This began when we responded to a plea from local community leaders whose vision was that educating the young would help lift the whole community out of poverty, which would also have the effect of improving health and community relations. 


We are proud to report that during our first six years we helped to fund over 50 young people, who successfully completed their courses of study, at least 50% of the students are girls. 


As a small organisation we can be confident that we know the people who we are working with and can be assured that the money we raise goes to fund students who have been selected on criteria agreed with the Green Olive Foundation, our partner organisation in Kenya:   we support those who show potential and who cannot afford to continue their education without financial assistance. Many other bursary schemes look to fund the top achievers in the primary school exams. The young people we are working with are from very poor backgrounds and have often attended primary schools which lack even basic facilities such as electricity, desks and books. So it is not surprising that their names do not figure at the top of the national primary school leavers exam lists. But our local contacts, working closely with the primary schools, have proved themselves very good at identifying potential – we have not yet seen anyone we have taken on fail. There is a huge hunger for, and commitment to, education.


The main source of income for this work is regular donations from friends of Green Olive and Quaker Meetings.