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How your money is spent

Our income comes from several sources:

• Regular donations through standing orders

• Irregular donations

• Proceeds from fundraising events

• Money we have received after applying to other trusts, usually for some special project or venture.


The total income for each category in the last 4 years:

                                          4-year total         Fraction (%)

Donations and collections             £48,890             66%

Fundraising events                       £4,915               7%

Appeals for projects                     £18,967              27%


It is spent on:

• Fees and subsistence support for secondary school pupils and for college and university students

• Support for special projects

• Administrative expenses


Historically our major expenditure has been payment of fees and maintenance for pupils and students. More recently we have also raised and

distributed funds for special projects. To date there have been two of these, the first being support for refurbishment and improved facilities at the

Musingu Quaker Education Centre, the second being the Greenhouse Project.


The expenditure, like income, can vary sharply from year to year. In the last four years the total for each category and its fraction of the overall total has been:-

                                        4-year total          Fraction 

Student grants                      £53,637                69%

UK admin costs                     £753                     1%

Support for Kenyan admin      £1,436                  2%

Travel by trustees to Kenya     £1,714                  2%

Special Projects                     £19,358                25%

Fundraising costs                   £742                    1%