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Brian graduated as a doctor in2020. He had been sponsored by Green Olive Trust at high school and university. As a child he walked to school barefoot because his widowed mother could not afford to buy him a pair of shoes. His eyesight was very poor because he was studying by the light of a kerosene lamp. Brian is now working in Litein Hospital and is hoping to return to Kakamega to serve his home community.









Malvine graduated in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management in 2017. She has done several volunteer jobs in different organisations. Her dream was to improve the diet and livelihood of her community by using greenhouses to make it possible to grow tomatoes at the high altitude of Kakamega.








Lavender received a bursary to study Communications and Public Relations and graduated in 2017. While still a student she helped run an eye camp in Kakamega. Since finishing her studies she has worked for Quaker Peace Initiatives in Nairobi and moved on to work in other NGOs. Lavender has joined the board of our partner organisation in Kenya.









Michael was sponsored through his law degree by Green Olive Trust. He graduated in 2016 and went on to take professional law exams with another Green Olive Trust bursary. He is currently working as a producer and reporter for a production company making TV documentaries.